How 8 strangers pulled off 6 ventures in 3 days with 0 money

Roxi Nicolussi
6 min readMay 27, 2019

It’s three weeks before the Jam for Good. I hesitantly Skype into a meeting thinking “what am I getting myself into?”. I introduce myself to a group of strangers. We participate in an ice-breaker. I was nervous and concerned I was in the midst of biting off much more than I could chew. Little did I know, this group would soon become my family as we worked to achieve a beautifully intimidating goal.

We were planning a Toronto event that would participate in the Global Service Jam. Jams would be taking place on the same weekend over 100 cities around the world. Over 48 hours, jammers all around the world would simultaneously develop and prototype something new to change the world.

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe… that’s exactly what happened.

How eight strangers were able to gather 35 participants, a 25 person waitlist, 22 mentors, six judges, and nine speakers willing to give up their weekend sounds like a mystery. However, I have learned that a capable cause will bring together its respective “tribe” of passionate people.


The Jam for Good launch took place at Idea Couture. Energized with snacks and drinks, guests were introduced to the “for good” topics: Michael Kolm on Citizen Inclusion, Adaora Ogbue on Fintech for Good, and Katie Harper on Climate Change. Emily Miernik warmed the crowd with the Danish Clap, Sakeena Mihar and Yang Wang introduced Mental Health, and the last speaker, Mazi Javidiani, introduced design ethics. Teams were formed around “for good” topics, problems were defined, and opportunities were selected. The Global Theme was announced as the word blue (on a yellow background) — teams would have to get creative to incorporate this.


Saturday morning started off bright and early with plenty of coffee at WeWork in Richmond Street. Komal Faiz spoke about research…



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