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Roxi Nicolussi
2 min readSep 8, 2023

The Seeking Self-Explorer

Hey there, Seeker! 🌟 Picture this: You’re in a team brainstorming session, and ideas are flying left and right. You have this incredible ability to see the value in everyone’s perspective, making you the go-to person when the team needs a mediator. Your adaptability is your superpower, allowing you to connect with diverse colleagues and navigate various work environments seamlessly.

But here’s a little story: Remember that project where everyone had a different opinion, and you tried to accommodate all of them? It left you feeling stretched thin and a bit lost, right? That’s the flip side of your adaptability. Sometimes, in trying to be everything to everyone, you might lose sight of what you truly believe in.

Psssst. No idea what this is about? Check out this post for context.

Photo by Jainam Mehta on Unsplash

Your journey is all about self-discovery. It’s about finding that balance between being open to others’ opinions and staying true to your own beliefs. Think back to that team project where you took a stand, advocating for an approach you genuinely believed in. That’s the kind of impact you can create when you combine your adaptability with a strong sense of self.

Tips for Growth

  • Define Your Core Values: Start by understanding what truly…



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