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Roxi Nicolussi
2 min readSep 8, 2023

The Balanced Navigator

Hey there, Balanced Navigator! ⚖️ Picture yourself in a team meeting. Ideas are bouncing around, and there’s a heated debate about the next big project. While others might be firmly rooted in their perspectives, you’re the one who sees the bigger picture, finding the middle ground and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

Remember that time when two of your colleagues had a disagreement, and you stepped in, not to take sides, but to bridge the gap? That’s your balanced approach in action. You have this innate ability to navigate complex situations, making you an invaluable asset in any team.

Your grounded presence doesn’t mean you’re set in your ways. On the contrary, you’re open to being swayed by compelling arguments. Think back to that workshop where you were introduced to a new strategy. While initially skeptical, you took the time to understand its merits, eventually becoming its biggest advocate.

Psssst. No idea what this is about? Check out this post for context.

Photo by Clarissa Carbungco on Unsplash

Tips for Growth

  • Assert Your Voice: While your balanced approach is commendable, there are times when you need to firmly stand your ground. Remember that project where you felt your idea was overlooked? Next time, make sure your voice is heard.



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