Top Tips for Travelling Abroad: My Ultimate Guide

Roxi Nicolussi
7 min readNov 4, 2023

Everything I wish I had known before backpacking and adventuring abroad.

Greece, Bermuda, Costa Rica
Shanghai, China and Alberta, Canada

So, you’re going on a big adventure.

I am a strategist by trade, but an adventurer at heart. So I balance the two by leaving my days relatively empty but always knowing where I will sleep that night. Okay, almost always.

At best, I know where I’m sleeping and how I’m travelling from place to place.

At worst, I have a place to store my belongs while I adventure …

My first time backpacking — 2015

The truth is that, when travelling, everything that can go wrong will.

Prepare for the worst, so that everything that goes smoothly is a pleasant surprise.



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